All the things I should be doing right now.

I should be up and cleaning the kitchen.  I should have already made up the bed by now.  I should be working on one of my novels.  I should have already taken something out of the freezer for dinner.  Damn the hold the internet has on me, more in particular Facebook and those damningly addictive Zygna games!  But alas I can’t blame the entire destruction of the well laid plans for my morning on the shoulders of Facebook alone.  Arlan and her blog Daily Lesbian Moments can share some of the blame.

You see it was there that I discovered the queer hip-pop group Lost Bois.  I have been watching their videos on Youtube all morning WHILE I was playing Cityville.  People these two ladies are off the damn chain!!  Their raps are quirky and hit you right up side the head.  But I was thrown by their cover of Estelle’s Come Over.  These girls are on fire vocally.  They put me in the mind of Floetry with that one.  So quickly enamored with their work I was that emailed them quickly I did..  Idea for promotion book had I….ok my inner Yoda popped out for a minute there.

Anyhoo….The Lost Bois are composed of members A.O. and B. Steady.  Two twenty something queer gals from D.C. and let me say that both girls are WHOA! on my personal hot scale.  And not just a muttered whoa under your breath, they are full on Joey Russo WHOA!  Now that thats out of my system.

Head over to youtube and check them out people.  And send out wishes that they hit me back up with a YES for my book promo idea.

The Real L Word: Episode 5

O.K. just a quick question…ROSE WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
Come on chica, you know good and damn well that if that was Natalie then you would not have been alright with her having strippers all over her like that.  But DAMN , those girls were fine as hell.

Whitney: Um boo boo, looks like you are getting a taste of your own medicine.  Karma baby.  What goes around comes around and the string of heartbroken females that you are leaving in your wake is so not cool babe.  You are one fine ass, unique soft stud, but you cant treat women the way you have been and expect nothing to happen in return.  Even if you don’t mean for the fucked up situations to happen, they are and sooner or later you’re gonna have to take responsibility for the messes you cause.

Tracy:  You ROCKED your photo shoot baby!! With your UBER FINE ASS!!!

Nikki and Jill: So happy you found the dress of your dreams Nikki.  Jill, I hope you decide on your dress soon, but don’t settle.  Hold out for the one that steals your breath.

For all my lovely lezzies that aren’t watching The Real L Word…WHAT’S YOUR MALFUNCTION?!  Sundays at 10:00 on Showtime.  Get with the program!

The Sensei : Mini Movie Review

Before I begin my mini review, let me state for all those that may not have already figured it out; trying to watch a movie while you write is not a good idea.  Stick to music as a muse.

With that said.  I just got finished watching the 2008 independent film, The Sensei.  The Sensei is a film written and directed by Diana Lee Inosanto, who happens to be the titular character.  When I first started the movie, I failed to notice that it was an independent film so the 80’s look and feel threw me a bit.  But once the flashback started I was drawn in and realized that it was a perfect fit for the story that was being told.

The movie opens with a African-American minister and his sister being accosted by a group of thugs.  In comes a young McClain Evans played by Michael O’Laskey II, who single handedly fought off the attackers and would be rapist with some impressive martial arts skills.  After all is said and done McClains boyfriend comes up to check on him and plant a ‘i’m glad you’re alright’ kiss on him in front of the good preacher man, putting the both of them into an awkward position.

The minister wipes away his shocked face and asks McClain about his training and thus we segway into the flashback scene that takes us farther into the 80’s, where most of the movie takes place.

Without giving away much of the plot, McClain is a young gay man that suffers a bashing at the hands of some homophobic peers.  At the request of his mother, Karen O’Neil, a woman that just returned home with some demons of her own, begins to train McClain.

The Sensei is a very poignant film that will make anyone who watches it think twice about homophobia and misconceptions.  It garnered four awards, including the grand Prize for  Best Screenplay at the New Jersey International Film Festival and Best Feature Film Writer at the LA Femme Film Festival.

Head to the films site to check out more about the film.  It’s also available on NetFlix, Amazon, and Itunes.

Crimson Dawn Trailer

I posted the first Crimson Dawn book trailer today.  I wasn’t sure what direction to take with the trailer, but in the end I decided that I’m going to do a few different ones.  Each one will focus on a different aspect of the story.  Everyone head over to youtube, after you’ve watched it here and tell me what you think.

Spring is here and March is winding down.  April will be here before we know it and with it, the release of Crimson Dawn.  I am hard at work trying to spread the word about my novel and planning the book launch both on and offline.  Aside from preparing for Crimson Dawn, I am trying to finish up that last two chapters of Ascension, the first book in my Wolves of Goose Creek series.  After that the last chapter of the Road To Was needs my attention.  Then it’s back to Black Moon Rising, the sequel to Crimson Dawn.

I have enough to keep my hands full for the months to come, but I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for the reads everyone.


Irulan trailer for Crimson Dawn is up

The second trailer for Crimson Dawn is up.  This trailer focuses on Irulan.  Take a look at it and tell me what you think.

The next trailer, which will also be the last, will focus on Valeria.  Well maybe it wont be the last.  I think I want to do one to show the growing relationship between Val and Ire.  Who knows?  I may do it, but I have to get some writing done first.  Anyway…check out the trailer and be sure to leave a comment.

The Return Of V

Alright people, if you have had the pleasure of reading any of my blog post that concern TV, the movies, or any other entertainment outlet that requires you to look at or watch something, then you know that I am a sci-fi- paranormal-supernatural-aholic.  And much to my delight ABC’s reboot of V returned on January 4th.

Child of the eighties that I am, you know that I am OVER the moon about the return of Jane Balder in the role of Diana.  While the character is named after the original 80’s baddie that we all loved to hate, she is not the same Diana that romped around earth in her red jumpsuit and swallowed hamsters whole.  But as far as I am concerned, as long as she’s back…YEAH!!

Now for a quick rundown of the episode.  We open with Erica having a hellish nightmare in which Tyler’s face melts off under a red sky while Anna looks on.  A little guilt from destroying those soldier eggs maybe?

We then move on to Ryan running into a room to see his alien-hybrid daughter floating in some kind of holding cell.  After making a promise to free her, Anna and her goons come in and she pretty much kicks him off the ship but keeps his daughter to experiment on.

The remainder of the show is Anna dealing with the fallout of releasing Red Sky way ahead of time, with both humans and her own commanders who have doubts in her ability to rule them without human emotions clouding her judgment.  There is also Chad Decker’s guilt at pretty much convincing humans to jump on the V bandwagon and then finding out that their ulterior motives aren’t that kosher.

We finally see a little more of what the big bad lizards look like the under the emotion inducing human skin. And we find out that Tyler Evans might not be completely human after all.

All in all, I loved the episode and I can’t wait for next week’s showing.  Let’s hope that the ratings pick up because if they don’t then we wont get a season 3.  Everyone watch V on ABC on Tuesday nights at 9pm.

Guest Blog Post

Hey everyone.  April is upon us and with it the coming of Crimson Dawn.  To promote the novel I am in the process of setting up a few guest blog post and interviews.  One of the first ones has been posted.  Head over to Patricia’s Vampire Notes and check out the guest post there.

Darklife Saga BK 2

Hey everyone.  I just wanted post a small update on the progress of Black Moon Rising, the second book in the Darklife Saga.  I am 20 chapters into the first draft.  Now that I am done with the first draft of Ascension: Wolves of Goose Creek and The Road To Was, B.M.R. has my sole attention.  I am throwing myself back into Val and Irulan’s second story and have a lot of twist and turns in store for not only them, but the entire Trumaine Family.

Please be sure to Fan my Facebook Page (Ronnie Massey Author Page, a link is on the home page of this website) because I am going to post updates there more frequently.  Also please if you’ve read and enjoyed Crimson Dawn, leave a small review at places like Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and Goodreads, etc.  I need all the positive feedback that I can get.

Removing Free Ebook downloads

Since Crimson Dawn has been released I am heading over to Feedbooks and removing both Unspoken: A Val and Irulan Short and Never Again: An Irulan Short from the library there.  Both ebook shorts were listed as free reads for a few months now.

If anyone would like to read the shorts, both are available on as Kindle Downloads for .99

Authors To Know and Guest Author Post

In case you haven’t noticed I have added an Authors To Know page to my website.  I will use that page to feature up and coming inde and self published authors.  You will also be able to purchase the featured authors works (if available) through my Amazon storefront.

I will also post guest author interviews in the blog and in the forums at least once a week.  I will list the authors on the calendar and encourage everyone to participate.  We authors really love feedback!

UnSpoken: A Val and Irulan Short, gets it’s first review!

Hey everyone. UnSpoken: A Val and Irulan Short, has gotten it’s first review, from the wonderful Ms. Sally Sapphire. Ms. Sapphire is the wonderful woman behind the Bibrary Bookslut blog; a blog that focuses on LGBT themed literature. She was also the first person to review Never Again: An Irulan Short. Well, once again she has given my little short an amazing review. I feel like Sally Fields the night that she accepted her Oscar for Places In The Heart; I‘m sitting at my laptop thinking, You like me, you really like me.

Here is a small bit of what she had to say about UnSpoken…this is a more intimate tale than the first, focused more on exploring the relationship between Val and Irulan. Ronnie has to walk a fine line between satisfying the reader’s hunger for the full-length Crimson Dawn, and potentially alienating readers who come to the novel without having read the shorts. I think she’s done an admirable job of it, introducing us to the characters, and providing just enough background to whet our hunger, without duplicating the experience of the novel itself. Val and Irulan are fantastic characters, and it’s clear that they (and the world in which they’ve been established) are well equipped to carry an exciting new addition to the urban fantasy genre.

Check out the full review by using the link below. And although the title of the page say’s the review is for Never Again, it’s actually the review for UnSpoken.

Although Unspoken: A Val and Irulan Short, is listed on Amazon as a Kindle e-book for .99, I am giving it away as a free download here, up until the release of Crimson Dawn, in April.

Also be sure to head over to my DarkWorld Forums for a big announcement!!

Beastly Movie Review

Here’s a small tidbit of information that I may not have mentioned before. I love going to the movies and have a pretty good sized DVD/ Bluray collection. So today what am I going to talk about…well AFTER, I let you know that my second Darklife short story, UnSpoken: A Val and Irulan Short, will be available for download from Amazon tomorrow in kindle format. You guessed it people. I am going to be talking movies; but not just any movie.

Today’s movie of choice, the teen romance, Beastly, an updated version of Beauty and the Beast, starring the former Disney princess that is in the process of trying to shed her tweeny-bopping image in favor of one that screams, ‘Hey I can have a life after M-I-C-K-E-Y’, Vanessa Hudgens, and the golden boy Britt heart throb, Alex Pettyfer.

I will start off saying that some of my expectations for this movie were met, while others were just kind of left with an ‘eh’, feeling . Going in to this movie, I will admit that I wasn’t expecting much from either one of the lead actor’s. While I am a total Disney-holic, I was never much of a Vaness H fan. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s an o.k. actress, but that’s about it. Her overly bubble-gummed attempts at becoming a pop star left me with tooth rot of the ears. So suffice it to say, I was more than pleased with the performance that she turned out.

She managed to portray Lindy, a character who grew up without a mother and with a drug addicted father, in a very rough neighborhood, and nothing like the H.S.M. character that she is known for, and make it believable instead of laughable. Watching Hudgens in Beastly has given me a sigh of relief for Sucker Punch. Lets face it people, she is not the type of girl that you look at and say, Dang she’s tough. It’s quite the opposite. So Ms. Vanessa Hudgens, you have grown as an actress.

On to Alex Pettyfer, my ‘eh’ moment. First let me say that I Am Number Four ,rocked. But the teen alien action movie is a far cry from a re-imagining of a beloved fairy tale. His acting was ok, for the role, but nothing spectacular. He portrayed, self observed, pretty boy, Kyle, well enough, but there was still a little something that wasn’t there for me. I can’t put my finger on it, but when I find out I will let you know.

The two standout performances were from Neil Patrick Harris, who played Kyle’s blind tutor, Will and Mary-Kate Olson, who played the witchy teen who cursed said pretty boy, Kendra. Neil, stole whatever scene he was in with his excellent comedic timing.

Mary-Kate looked right at home in Kendra’s goth girl attire. She made the character, one that is pivotal to the plot, but who is seen in only a handful of scenes, so interesting that I would most definitely go to a spin-off movie with her as the main character.

Lisa Gay Hamilton, of The Practice, fame, also turned in a good performance as Kyle’s Jamaican babysitter/housekeeper, who is forced into social exile with him when his father shoves him into a hidey-hole until the ugliness goes away.

With the great performances of these supporting characters, an ok movie was bumped up to a good movie. If someone asked me if I thought that Beastly was worth the price of admission, I would definitely tell them yes…if the price was under ten bucks. But you don’t have to take my words for it. Go see for yourself.

Stay on top of Crimson Dawn release date!!

Hey people. I know that like me, many of you are eagerly awaiting the April release of Crimson Dawn, the first book in the Darklife Saga. To make sure you don’t let that day slip up on, or by you, give yourself a backup plan just in case memory fails you. That back up plan is, heading over to and signing up for the newsletter.

Aside from release updates, you will find special post that include more glimpses into the characters of Crimson Dawn and the Darklife world. I will also give readers peeks into other novels that are set within the Darklife world, also.

The link to my author page is below. Head on over now…please.

Writing, writing and more writing!

Today’s post isn’t about anything in particular. Today is a writing day. I slacked off yesterday and cooked on the grill and organized my hundreds of DVD’s.

SO today is a hunker down and get a chapter of Ascension cranked out AND a chapter of Freak Among Freaks. If you aren’t familiar with these stories then GET FAMILIAR people. My fan base is growing and I’m telling you, next year you’re gonna see my books in print AND digital format.

You’d better read the first drafts while they are free on

So with that…Have a BLESSED Sunday. I’m off to a meeting with a hot lesbian alpha werewolf and then with a teenage vampire.

The Lovers and Friends Show

O.k. all my sapphic ladies of color out there. If your jonesing for some girl on girl drama on the tube since the loss of The L Word, then look no farther…than your computer.

The Lovers and Friends show, follows the lives and exploits of a group of Florida lesbians of color and the show has taken off.

The show has a variety of characters that cover the array of lesbian catergories. And the good thing, all of these ladies are HOT.

Follow the link and read the afterellen interview, with creator Charmain Johnson.

Gays manning the gatling guns and RYAN cheated!

What a title for a post right. Well a federal judge ruled that the ban against openly gay individuals was WRONG!! Hell yeah. It’s about damn time.

While this is a major step in the right direction, gay and lesbian service members should wait a moment before they celebrate. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has not been overturned yet so don’t run around throwing on the rainbow bracelets and donning the club gear yet. We still have a long way to go before all LGBT individuals have totally equal rights in this country.

To read an article about the recent turn of events, hit up the link below that will take you to an article on The Examiner.

Now for the second part of todays blog post title. It deals with the CW TV show Life Unexpected, or LUX for short. First off, I LOVE this show so much. I am a die hard Roswell fan so any show with Shiri Appleby is going to have my undivided attention and total fandom.

I am also loving Britt Robertson as Lux. She is a Carolina native, born in Charlotte, NC and raised in Greenville, SC so you know I’m gonna support a fellow Carolinian. Aside from that, she is a truly awesome actress.

If you aren’t watching this show, then you need your brain examined. If you grew up in the 90’s and watched The WB shows that aired during those times, then this show will strike a chord in you. It will remind you of the WB of old and the shows that we watched back then.

With that said…Ryan dude, you can no longer act all holier than though with Kate about Base because you my buddy have been keeping shit also. And then the woman shows up at the weeding. COME ON Ryan.

Lost a little maybe? Wanna know what I’m talking about? Then head over to and catch up on this seasons EXCELLENT episodes.

In the mean time, follow the link below to watch a hilarious video by the cast.

And yet another story starts brewing

Hey everyone. Sometimes I sit and try to work on one story but after a few hours all I end up writing is a bunch of drivel. I try to force myself into the story and that is bad. I then end up deleting and working on the story that I really want to be working on.

Thats a good and a bad thing. It’s good because that means my imagination isn’t suffering for lack of new ideas. It’s bad because I end up neglecting some other stories (kinda like I’m neglecting Black Moon Rising at the moment).

Well I have decided to enter NaNoWriMo this year. It is a international novel writing contest that challenges it’s participants to write 50,000 words in 30 days. A full novel about 176 pages long.

I have a faerie story that has been bouncing around in my head since September. I’m going to enter it and hopefully finish it in a months time.

Wish me luck. The link is below if anyone would like to check it out and enter themselves.

Slow to post

I have been slow to post. Forgive me, my small audience. I have been writing a lot and work and all the normal things in life that keep a person busy.

I am going to try and do better, especially as it gets closer and closer to the start of a new year. The new year will be a fruitful one for me. i am claiming it so I know I will receive it. If I don’t find publishers interested in my work, then I am going to self publish UnBound and Crimson Dawn.

Everyone please be sure to head over to and check out my work. Vote in the watty awards for Freak Among Freaks.

Later peeps.

Breaking Dawn Denali Coven Cast

O.K. so todays blog post topic…VAMPIRES!!! One of my favorite subjects.

Twilight News: The Denali Coven has been cast. They are as follows.

Eleazar will be played by Christian Camargo (known for his roles in The Hurt Locker, and as Dexter’s crazy brother in Showtime’s hit show Dexter), Tanya is played by Myanna Buring, Kate will be played byCasey LaBow (CSY: NY), Carmen will be portrayed by Mia Maestro, and Maggie Grace has been cast as Irina.

In other news: The theatrical premiere of the American adaption of the Swedish novel Let The Right On In, titled Let Me In, it tomorrow. Can I get a YEAH!!!

Directed by Cloverfield’s Matt Reeves, the adaption stars Chloe Moretz as the child vampire Abby, originally named Eli. Playing her human counterpart is Kodi Smit-McPhee as Owen, originally named Oskar.

I have the pleasure of not only having read the book, but of having seen the Swedish film that came out in 2008. Both were excellent. The film has caught a lot of flack because the original was so good, but I am going into it with an open mind. It has been getting RAVE reviews so far. I personally can’t wait till tomorrow.

And the last bit of vampire news. The Vampire Diaries is off the damn chain so far this season. Nina Dobrev is doing an awesome job of playing both Elena and Katherine. But I do have one peeve.

I am SICK, of these lame ass werewolves that that shows are passing off. I mean, they are supernatural creatures, there should be something to set them apart from natural wolves beside some glowing eyes added in post-production.

Come on people!! Get better with the werewolves already. I hope Teenwolf does better.

Freak Among Freak’s

O.k. One I have seriously neglected this site. So I’m gonna get on point and work to make it a well trafficked success.

Now, onto the post for the day. I have posted alot of my work on I have entered the Watty Awards with a novel in progress called Freak Among Freaks.

Yeah, it’s a vampire themed story. It’s actually a spin off of Crimson Dawn, my lesbian/vampire novel that’s I’m currently doing re-writes on.

So with that said. Please drop by wattpad and give my little story a read.

Here’s a little description and the link to the story.

David Trumaine is the new kid in town. As the adopted son of vampire princess Valeria, he’s become a member of one of the most prominent pureblood vampire families in the world. But as he begins life as a student at Thorston Academy, David is about to learn that the privilege that comes with his name and family does not extend past the doors of the prominent supernatural school. Especially when your a 16 year old deadborn like David, a Freak Among Freaks.

Obama orders hospitals to give same sex partners the same visitation rights as hetero couples.

O.K., so this is about damn time. Far to many partners of LGBT individual’s have been forced to the sidelines as far as their loved ones are concerned.

I’ve been there, had to put up with it alot in my last relationship. My ex and I resorted to lying and telling the hospital staff that I was her cousin. That was the only reason I was able to stay by her side for many a hospital visits.

We’re taking baby steps people, soon those will be full grown steps, and then we’ll reach the end of our journey.

It’s coming.

Crimson Dawn podcast

O.K. so i’m seriously considering doing a Crimson Dawn podcast. I have listened to a few audio books set up as podcast and I loved them.

I’m going to need some advice on podcasting and readers who would like to take part in the production before I can move forward. But I’m confident I can make it happen.

If anyone would like to participate or offer tech advice then by all means, drop me a line.

So much to do, so little time

I have been on it today, seriously. I’ve baked 2 cheesecake in this hot ass southern heat. I swear I sweat-ed off at least three or four pounds.

I have started searching for Free royalty free sound effects for my Crimson Dawn podcast. And I am finished writing the first episode. I’m aiming for ten minute long episodes, although the first one may be a little longer or shorter depending on a few things.

So come on people, I need cast members and volunteers that are familiar with producing podcast.

Movie Review: The Last Airbender

I recently saw M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender and I have 2 words for all the harsh critics…LIGHTEN THE HELL UP!! O.K. so that was 4 words but seriously. Dudes it’s a fucking kids movie. I’m sure he didn’t make this movie with the intentions of it it being the next great American movie.

True, Noah Ringer’s acting as Aang, was a little stiff, but come on, cut the kid some slack. It was his first movie and he was chosen for his martial arts skills, not his acting skills. As he gets older and more roles under his belt, I’m sure his acting will improve.

Now about the casting controversy…um, no comment. As much as I love Jackson Rathbone, my precious Jasper Hale, this cast was awfully white washed compared to the cartoon. At least the Fire Nation kept their color. Now with that said.

The cast did well for what they had to work with and I especially liked Nicola Peltz as Katara. I would have liked to see her water bending on a much larger scale though.

The movie had some pretty nice special effects as far as the Bending went. I love the water bending and fire bending. I only saw the 2d version and maybe that’s a good thing because reviews of the converted 3d effects have not been that kind.

The martial arts sequences were razor and utilized Noah Ringers skills nicely.

I’ve been watching the movies progress on and it hasn’t caught up in revenue with the 150 million dollar production cost yet, so this might greatly influence whether or not a sequel is made.

Overall, if i used a 5 star rating system I would give this movie 3 and 1/2 stars. It’s worth a 7 and under admission price, especially if you have kids and have to take a group. My suggestion, go to and AMC theater Mon-Thurs when it’s only 5.00 to get in.

Hope they make the next chapter.

Itching for a new Tattoo

If anyone every says that tattoo’s aren’t addictive then they’re wrong. For a long time I told myself and others that I would never get a tattoo. I thought that I was a piercing kind of girl, that was I can take it out if I wasnt happy.

Well, I was so wrong. I got my first tattoo when I was 27, now less than 8 years later ( less than can mean 1-8 years ago, i’m trying to be a little mysterious about my age, unless i have it posted somewhere else then…oh well), I have 30+ tattoos. And I’m ready for another one.

Do you have tattoo’s? Want one? Let me know your thoughts.

I have 2 male cast members!!

I have 2 male cast members for my Crimson Dawn podcast. YES!! I’ve written one episode and will start writing the second one tonight after I finish chapter 9 of Freak Among Freaks.

Dreams are so worth fighting for. Even when it seems like you’re making strides to no avail, keep pushed and moving towards your goal. Someone asked me why I was writing two more manuscripts when I haven’t published one of the first 2 I finished.

Because I have faith that my dreams will see fruition. So when I do sell my first manuscript and the publisher wants the option for sequels, I’ve got them done.

Also, I write because god has gifted me with the talent. So therefore i use what God has given me. To not write is to wast his gift and I wont do that.

Introducing Lawless

What makes a character memorable and not just another name on a page? As both an avid reader and writer, I ask myself that often. As a reader, I look for characters who aren’t perfect. Characters with flaws that are able to overcome them and come out on top. I also have a tendency to fall in love with the underdog.
As a writer, I try to endow my characters with qualities and traits that reflect different aspects of who I am. Hence the many lesbian and African American protagonist. I also give my characters traits and qualities that I wish I had. Take for instance Valeria’s snarky, in your face attitude. That is so not me. (but sometimes I wish it was)

Not a day goes by without a new name popping into my head making me wonder how I can utilize them. Most of them end up lost in the nether regions of my brain, never to be heard from again. But every once and awhile a character pops into my head that just screams for me to see them.

When this happens I usually end up putting off what I am working on and giving that character my full attention. Sometimes this results in me writing that particular characters background, and filling them away to use at a later point in one of my stories. Carrie, Irulan’s doomed first love from Never Again: An Irulan Short, is just such a character. Carrie popped into my head while I was working on a fantasy story almost ten years ago. I really liked the character, but there was no where for her in the story that I was trying to tell. Thus she sat and waited until the perfect setting arrived.

At other times, a character refuses to go quietly to the rolodex in my mind and wait patiently. These characters want their place in the sun and they want it regardless of who or what else I was writing at the time. Valeria, Still Rivers, and Theory Cunningham are people that refused to go quietly into the night. Each of them are the protagonist in Crimson Dawn, Ascension, and The Road To Was, respectively.

Well another character is demanding her time in the spotlight, which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It’s good because I have a wide staple of characters to draw from for a long time to come. Its bad because when these new characters come a knocking, they distract me from someone else’s story.

Whatever it may be, I can’t ignore her. Lawless is a character in the third Darklife short. A character that before I began filling in parts of her personality and background, was just going to be a less-than-minor player in D vs D; a means to help Valeria crack the case she’s on. Lawless is no where near a minor player any longer. She’s insanely sexy (I see Rhona Mitra as Lawless), relentless and unapologetic in her pursuit of what she wants; regardless of the consequences, and undeniably one of the most entertaining characters that I think I will ever write.

That’s saying a lot considering I haven’t even written her first line of dialogue. Hell, I haven’t even introduced her to the storyline yet. Never the less, Lawless is already firmly entrenched in my head. I can almost see her standing in front of me, none to patiently waiting for me to throw her into the action. I see you Lawless!
Wondering about her name? I am a diehard Xena fan. Lawless is my ode to Mrs. Lucy Lawless, the wonderful actress who brought the chakra wielding warrior princess to life for six seasons. One of the things that will be included in my description of her, is the fact that she has a chakra with an X through it, tattooed on her wrist.

Aside from being a Xena fan, Lawless is mostly a mystery to the people she interacts with. Very few people know how old she really is and are privy to information about her past. She owns a tattoo shop, and is an expert in lost civilizations. The people closest to her speculate that she has first hand knowledge of many of the places she talks about, but she will neither confirm or deny anything. Lawless’s sexuality is also very fluid. She rides the line between ultra femme and tomboy with expert precision. She’s just as comfortable in thrift shop jeans and a t-shirt, as she is a ten thousand dollar gown.

Let’s see, what else can I say about Lawless to prepare readers for her introduction into the Darklife world? Nothing much without giving away too much. But, I can tell you that for her, Irulan is the one that got away…Lawless is a very sore loser.

Lawless has made herself a very memorable character for me; one that I see living far beyond the short story that she‘s introduced to the world in. I hope that she is just as memorable to my readers as she is for me. You’ll meet her soon in D vs. D: A Valeria Short, the next Darklife Short. I hoped to have it ready by Monday, but the introduction of Lawless to the storyline has caused it to grow quite a bit. I have re-written my outline and added another chapter. Hopefully I can wrap things up in time for a Thursday upload date.

I Made It To Round 2

Hi everyone,

I am entered into an online writing contest at called The Watty Awards. The ongoing story that I have entered is a YA paranormal romance called Freak Among Freaks. The protagonist is a teenage vampire named David Trumaine. (I will post a quick description afterwards).

My story made it into round 2. To give you and idea of what it took for me to get there. There were over 725 vampire stories entered into the Vampire category. Only the top 9 and a wild card made it through. My story was in the top 9.

On top of that, my main character David, was nominated for Best Male Character. There were over 10,000 entries into the Watty Awards this year. Which means over 10,000 male characters, and out of that, my character was chosen as one of 6 nominees.

I am so thrilled. It was a challenge promoting and getting people to read my story because I was a virtual unknown on, so I never expected to be nominated in a individual category.

Please follow the link below and vote for Freak Among Freaks in the Most Popular Vampire category, and Logan Lerman as David Trumaine, in the Best Male Category.

Thank You So Very Much,

Ronnie aka Hathor422

Freak Among Freaks

David Trumaine is the new kid in town. As the adopted son of vampire princess Valeria, he’s become a member of one of the most prominent pureblood vampire families in the world.

But as he begins life as a student at Thorston Academy, David is about to learn that the privilege that comes with his name and family does not extend past the doors of the prominent supernatural school.

Especially when your a 16 year old deadborn like David; a Freak Among Freaks.

Same coin, different side

Sometimes I sit and debate whether or not I will post some of my poetry here. Then think that people won’t want to read anything deep from a fantasy author, or even take my poetry seriously.

There are also times I consider taking down the small preview I have of UnBound: The Nephillim Chronicles. If anyone has read the small section that is posted here, then you know that although it is an YA urban fantasy, it is remarkably different from my DarkWorld titles. I mean like night and day.

The bottom line is I don’t want one type of work to influence the way that readers might respond to the other. But why should it matter? That is what I am sitting here asking myself right now. I’m asking that and wondering why it bothered me so much in the first place.

So with that, here is a piece of poetry.
Dark Heart Unafraid

Darkness threatens to surround me, swallow my concious whole. I can no longer feel the breeze on my face or the sand beneath my toes.
I try to push my monster back, keep them in the shadows from which they came. But the evil that spawned them is after me again.
Let me live, let me be free, let me exist without this crutch.
Let my deams be nightmare free, just one night out of a month.
Let me not be afraid to be happy. Or live in fear that it will all be stripped away.
Get off my back dark demons. Leave me free to love unafraid. For even though I realize not all love brings pain. Let me be to believe it, so I can be happy once again.
Foul creatures you have broke me, shattered me undone. But slowly I rebuild me, bit by bit, by bone.
Because don’t I deserve to be happy, my young soul so brutally aged.You’ve taken so much just give me for once the courage to love uafraid

Well…that’s it. Let me know what you think.


Just a note. There are some PSYCHO LESBIANS prowling The Real L Word fan page on Facebook. Seriously, how in the hell did I end up almost arguing with a group of crazy Whitney FANATICS online.

Hell, I’m a Whit fan myself. DAMN!!!